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npm install -g reunify
getting started

What Reunify Does?



CLI toolbox to create and manage Server-Side React Apps.

Production Ready

Prepared to deploy fast and easy.


JavaScript ES 6/7 - one language for modern Frontend and Backend development.

Full control

HTML head, Cookies, CSS, Request/Response, static content and JSON response

Export your App

Web-App export to a Single-Page-App and run it where and how you want.


Super easy deployment and containerization.


Simplified routing and inital data fetching via page name conventions.

Native Web for SEO

Optimized SEO responses by rendering and serve initial Web-Pages seamlessly and reduce the time to first byte.

Progressive Web Apps

Out of the Box offline and resource prefetching with Service-Workers (production).

Why Reunify to build Server-Side React Apps?

Run your code in seconds

Fast and Easy

Designed to make universal React easier to write, providing standard answers for these questions and more. When you write your app for react-server, you concentrate on your React components, and react-server takes care of everything else that's needed to run and deploy real React server-rendered apps.

Automatic building and packaging

It turns out writing universal ReactJS application with modern JavaScript code is only half the battle. There can be a number of build steps: compiling templates, including client-side dependencies, applying transforms, minification, etc. The simple case is to combine all application code, views and templates into a single bundle, but for larger apps, this can result in hundreds of kilobytes to download. A more advanced approach is to create dynamic bundles and asset lazy-loading.

Ready to Run in Production

While the ideal case can lead to a nice, clean separation of concerns, inevitably some bits of application logic or view logic end up duplicated between client and server, often in different languages. Common examples are date and currency formatting, form validations, and routing logic. This makes maintenance a nightmare, especially for more complex apps.

How to use?


Fetch initial data

How to use `getInitialProps` for data fetching with `fetch`.

CSS and Styled-Components

How to use CSS and Styled-Components.

JSON Responses

How to serve JSON responses.